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Rapzilla “St. Louis Label Vivid Core Music Could Be Next Big Thing”

Vivid Core Music artists

An article on St. Louis Label: Vivid Core Music

When people think of Christian Rap Labels or Studios, they think of Reach Records, God Over Money, Humble Beast, or even return to Cross Movement Records. Vivid Core Music from the STL isn’t always first in mind, even though their music is just as high quality and catchy. Some people who have worked with them are Tarcea Renee (the founder), Gully Mark, Reuben Jones, MikeReal, and Flame.

Here is a clip of Flame in the studio.

“The company started in 2015; the first away from the home location was 2020, then this year, in February, we could move to our first commercial location. Many artists across the St. Louis area have recorded at our studio, and a few have traveled from other states to record with us as well.” tells founder Tarcea Renee.

“Vivid Core Music Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization and record label that exists to encourage unbelievers and empower believers through Christ-centered art and events.” reads their website: “As we strive to carry out our mission to encourage unbelievers and empower believers through Christ-centered art. We aim to disciple, develop, and deploy others to ministry where life exists.”

If you feel led to give Vivid Core Music, you can do it here.

Tarcea Renee – Founder of Vivid Core Music

Tarcea Renee of Vivid Core Music

Tarcea Renee’s career in the music business started at age nine when she started writing lyrics and making beats on FL Studio 5. Being raised in STL and the 90’s era of Hip-Hop culture strongly influenced her music for 12 years. In 2010, Tarcea Renee gave her life to Christ, which altered the course of her music career. Right after she became a Christian, she didn’t jump to be a CHH artist. “Before that, I rapped about what I knew about the streets, money, drugs, and other life experiences, but I didn’t know God. So, I needed to pause to get to know Him before attempting to rap about Him.”

Tarcea Renee released her first solo album in 2012, garnering over 10,000 downloads. Since then, she’s built a catalog of many projects (such as Lighthouse and Change Over Currency), and singles time passed, she learned to record, mix and master most of her records, as well as records for other artists.

Learn more about Tarcea Renee here or anywhere online @TarceaRenee

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