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Welcome to Vivid Core’s Podcast Studio, where your podcasting dreams can become a reality! We provide state-of-the-art equipment and professional services on-site to help you create, produce, and launch the podcast of your dreams with high-quality audio and video services!

Podcast Recording Equipment | St Louis
  • Smoking or Alcohol: Not Allowed Inside

  • Sessions: Must Book Podcast Studio at Least 1 Day in Advance

  • Deposits: 50% Non-Refundable Deposit Required to Secure Slots

  • Balances: Due at the end of each session, or files will not be released or sent by the studio until the balance is resolved

Book Our Podcast Studio

Availability & Rates Below

If you’re looking to book studio time to record music, please visit the recording studio page instead.

You can contact us if you have trouble with booking.


Here are some of Our Professionally Enhanced Podcasts


Rebecca Rogers Podcast
4k Video Podcast (Fully Edited)

Toxic Icon Podcast
4k Video Podcast (Fully Edited)

3 Men and a Drank Podcast
4k Video Podcast (Fully Edited)

Podcast Studio in St Louis
Podcast Recording Equipment | St Louis
Vivid Core Podcast Studio - Front View of Seating
Podcast Studio in St Louis
Vivid Core Podcast Studio - Front View of Seating

Budget-Friendly Options: We offer flexible and affordable packages tailored to your podcasting needs. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, we have the perfect options to fit your budget.

Expert Sound Engineering: As you focus on the conversation and hosting of your podcast, our team of experienced audio engineers will assist you in achieving the perfect mix, enhancing your podcast’s professionalism and overall listening experience.

Professional Podcast Recording Equipment: For our customers, Vivid Core Music has dedicated significant resources to create an audio and video podcast production haven. To your benefit, we offer top-of-the-line SM7B Microphones perfectly tailored to our environment, expert sound insulation that eradicates reverberations, and the one and only Rodecaster Pro to capture audio and mix it live.

Professional Podcast Editing: Our experienced audio engineers will refine your recordings to eliminate any background noise, unwanted errors, your desired intro/outro, desired sound effects, and professional touches to deliver a polished final product to your audience. 

Audio Only Options: If you’re not ready to show the face behind your podcast yet, you can save money and still deliver high-quality audio to your audience by renting our space for your recordings.

4k Video Recording: If you’re searching for a “podcast studio for rent near me” and look at some of the options available, you’ll notice that most studios do not offer 4k video recording to their clients. However, we have a professional videographer on staff to take care of this for you!

Dedicated Podcasting Support: Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to provide guidance and support throughout your podcasting journey. We’re here to help you succeed. You can feel free to ask us questions when you need assistance.


Where Are We Located?

4433 Woodson Road
St. Louis, MO. 63134
Suite 240

What’s Our Refund Policy?

There are no refunds. Deposits are non-refundable. Sessions have dedicated time slots, and we value the time and efforts of our engineers. If a client cancels due to an emergency, your session may be scheduled to a new date and time.

What’s Our Cancellation Policy?

2-4 hour sessions: Deposit returned if canceled 48 hours before session time

4-8 hour sessions: Deposit returned if canceled 5 days before the session date

8+ hour sessions: Deposit returned if canceled 10 days before the session date

How Long Do We Keep Your Files?

Although we keep it for some time, please be aware that Vivid Core Music Studio does not offer a guaranteed amount of time for storing digital audio files recorded on our premises. Although we take measures to create data backups in multiple locations for your convenience, we highly recommend bringing your own micro sd card to access your audio files immediately after each session. It is crucial to ensure their safety by taking them home with you. We also send your files once you have paid for your session in full with a 7-Day download expiration time.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Through our booking form, we can accept Credit, Debit, PayPal and very soon other popular payment methods.

How to Contact Us Before a Podcasting Session?

Call 314-467-0508 or email

Book The Podcast Studio Today & Experience The Difference We Can Make!

Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster or an established podcaster, Vivid Core Music is here to help you achieve your goals and amplify your podcast!