At Vivid Core, there are many ways to serve. We believe God has given us gifts that can be used to serve one another. We welcome volunteers who are motivated to serve, intending to make an impact through their servanthood. Below we’ve listed currently available opportunities. If you are interested or know someone, 

Booking Agent

Provide assistance in the area of reviewing booking inquiries, scheduling, sending and reviewing contracts, and securing performance opportunities for artists on our roster.

Music Producer

Provide assistance in working closely with our artists to produce music to be considered for placement on new releases.

Publicity Assistant

Provide assistance with the pitching of, securing of, and the declining of interviews and coverage in magazines, online outlets, TV appearances, speaking engagements, and tour dates.

Marketing Assistant

Provide assistance to help come up with new marketing concepts, working with the art director on images and advertisements, and developing marketing strategies and plans.

Fundraising Manager

Provide assistance in maintaining stability in relationships with former and current sponsors, as well reaching out to build relationships with potentially new donors.

Merch Sales Manager

Provide assistance to help analyze, create and implement strategies to maximize the sales of merch. May include managing merch tables at events.

Art Director/Designer

Provide assistance with creating artwork, promotional materials, and logos for brand extension.

Social Media Agent

Provide assistance in managing accounts, account growth, and creating content to be used across multiple social networks.

Street Team (Online or Offline)

Provide assistance in promoting events, artists, or the company by sharing promotional material.

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