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Recording Studios Near Me: St. Louis Prices

Recording Studios Near Me in st louis mo

Are you an artist searching for a “recording studio near me” in St. Louis and need to know prices? We offer exceptional recording services at Vivid Core Music Studio at affordable prices. Our mission is to help artists like you unleash their musical potential and create recordings that capture the essence of your artistry. Let’s explore our pricing options and the possibilities for you at Vivid Core Music Studio!

Vivid Core Music – St. Louis Studio Prices

At Vivid Core Music Studio, we understand that different artists have unique needs and budgets. That’s why we offer affordable pricing options to accommodate a variety of budgets.

Here’s a breakdown of our current prices:

  1. 1 Hour of Recording – $60
  2. 2 Hours+ of Recording – $50 per hour
  3. Mixing – Flat Rate: $120
  4. Mix + Master – Flat Rate: $150
  5. 2-Hour All-in-One Deal – $240
  6. 4-Hour All-in-One Deal – $330

Most other studio options across the city begin at $65/hour at the lowest, no matter what service you need at their studios. At Vivid Core, We aim to ensure that cost isn’t a barrier to you being able to express yourself creatively, even if you’re just a teen or student who wants to create and release music!

Whether you’re looking for a quick recording session or an all-in-one package that includes mixing and mastering, we’ve got you covered. Our transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what to expect without hidden fees or surprises.

Here is a short chart that compares the most popular options in the city against Vivid:

Recording Studio1 Hour of Recording
Shock City$85
Phat Buddha$70
Suburban Pro$80
Vivid Core Music$50 for 2 Hours or More • $60 if 1 Hour
Recording Studios Near Me – Prices for Popular Studios in St. Louis, MO.

Keep in mind… Higher prices do NOT equal higher quality. Even less gear can have a better turnout. Studios with the most outboard gear deceive many artists. Not that they do this intentionally. This is more of a precaution for artists not to be duped by the ‘look’ of the gear. Some of the equipment you see is actually out of commission! The outcome of music quality depends on the audio engineer in the seat.

Experience the Vivid Core Music Difference

Here’s why artists choose us when they search for “recording studios near me” in St. Louis:

“Vivid Core Music Studio is a hidden gem in St. Louis. Their attention to detail and dedication to capturing the essence of my music is unmatched.” – Ryiaman, Award-Winning Artist

Top-Quality Recordings with Cutting-Edge Technology

Our recording studio in St. Louis has the latest recording technology to ensure your music shines. From a full 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos control room to high-end microphones and state-of-the-art preamps, we have everything you need to capture your music in its purest form.

Our experienced engineers are well-versed in various genres, from pop and rock to hip-hop and country. They will work closely with you throughout the recording process to achieve the sound you envision.

A Welcoming and Inspiring Environment

We believe that creativity thrives in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. When you enter Vivid Core Music Studio, you’ll find a comfortable space to express yourself fully. Our team of music enthusiasts and industry experts is always available to provide guidance and support, but we also encourage you to explore and experiment with your unique sound. We want you to feel inspired and empowered during your time with us.

Recording Studios Near Me (St. Louis) Book Your Studio Session Today!

Ready to take the next step in your musical journey?

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Vivid Core Music Studio. To see our availability and book your studio session, visit our booking link. Our online platform makes finding a time that works for you easy, allowing you to focus on what matters most—creating music once your session is booked.

Is this your first time needing to get in the recording studio?

If so, visit this page on our site to learn how to Book Studio Time effectively.

At Vivid Core Music Studio, we are dedicated to helping you bring your artistic vision to life. Join us on this exciting journey and let the music speak for itself. Together, let’s create something extraordinary!

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