St. Louis, MO. native, Tarcea Renee, is an artist, producer, and founder of the non-profit, independent record label, Vivid Core Music. For artists on the label, Tarcea Renee is helping them not focus on seeing their names in lights, but to stay focused on presenting genuine hope in a dark world.


Reuben Jones is a recording artist hailing from the cityscape of St. Louis, MO. Reuben dove into the music industry in 2015. As the first artist signed to Vivid Core Music, by December of 2016, Reuben Jones released his official debut project, an EP titled, Renegade.


Noelle Jones is a singer/songwriter from St. Louis, MO and the newest signee to the Vivid Core Music label. Noelle’s background in dance, theater, and visual arts heavily influence the unique expression of her work. Noelle Jones burst onto the music scene in 2015. By May of 2017, she released her first EP titled, Colors Have Feelings.

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