Vivid Core Music is a record label that exists to encourage unbelievers and empower believers through Christ-centered art and events. 

Our Mission is Driven by 3 Rhythms:


We define discipleship as a lifelong process of learning and sharing Jesus. We encourage our artists to be active in their local church and extend resources to assist artists with consistent growth in Christ.


Vivid Core Music develops and supports our artists by assisting as needed in multiple areas whether it be creative direction, songwriting, branding, marketing, content creation, and proper royalty collection.


Deployment with Vivid Core Music is in essence, going out and making disciples as commanded by Jesus. As we function in discipleship and development, with commitment to growth in Christ and the gifts that we've been blessed with, deployment occurs within our label through Love, Music, and Events, with the ultimate goal of intentionally sharing and inspiring others to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

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