St. Louis Christian hip-hop is buzzing again. Upcoming Christian rapper, Reuben Jones, is gearing up to release his first project titled, RENEGADE. The slated release date is December 9th, 2016. It will be available exclusively on as a Free download.

The St. Louis, MO-based emcee sees the title of his forthcoming project as a direct notation of switching from his old ways to the new person he’s become through the acceptance of Christ.

“In my case, being a renegade means for me to turn from the person that I used to be and switch sides. Completely. In a non-lukewarm way. I’ve chosen to completely betray the old me and my old ways to put all that I do into living for Christ and putting him on display as much as possible.”

Renegade features production by talented producers Superstaar Beats, Mubz Beats, Xavior Jordan & Penacho. As far as song features, you can hear vocals by Reuben Jones’ wife on the last track of the EP titled, Set Free.

The official Cover & Tracklist for Renegade are shown below:



1. Renegade (Produced by Mubz Beats)

2. War (Produced by Superstaar Beats)

3. Work (Produced by Penacho)

4. No Tomorrow (Produced by Superstaar Beats)

5. Mission (Produced by Xavior Jordan)

6. Set Free ft. Noelle Jones (Produced by Penacho)

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