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A Guide to Recording Studio Prices in St. Louis

Recording Studio Prices | Rates in St Louis

This comprehensive guide will help you become more knowledgeable about the recording studio prices in St. Louis, helping you decide and find the ideal studio that meets your needs. Are you a St. Louis musician or artist searching for the perfect recording studio to bring your musical vision to life? Look no further. Let’s delve into the critical highlights of recording studio prices in St. Louis.

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Popular Recording Studio Prices in St. Louis

Suburban Pro Studios

Suburban Pro Studios caters to budget-conscious artists and those seeking a professional recording experience. Their rates are exceptionally affordable, with senior engineers available at $50 per Hour and freelance sessions with no engineer at $25 hourly. At Suburban Pro Studios, you’ll find skilled engineers who bring out the best in your music while providing cost-effective options to suit your budget.

Shock City Studios

One of the most prominent recording studios in St. Louis is Shock City Studios. Known for its exceptional environment, Shock City Studios offers Studio A at $1,280 for a straight 8-hour day. This studio is perfect for unleashing your creative potential and capturing your musical brilliance.


If you’re seeking an affordable yet excellent recording experience, TravSonic is an excellent choice. With standard recording studio rates of $520 for a full 8-hour day, TravSonic. Their professional services guarantee top-notch recordings that will exceed your expectations.

Is Vivid Core Music The Best Choice for Recording Studio Pricing?

While the forenamed recording studios offer some advantages, one stands out as the best option in St. Louis: Vivid Core Music. With their commitment to excellence, state-of-the-art equipment, professional engineers, and a supportive, creative atmosphere, Vivid Core Music provides an outstanding recording experience. Regarding recording studio prices in St. Louis, Vivid Core Music offers competitive rates that ensure exceptional value for your investment.

Some of the larger studios in the city may be stocked with some of the most analog gear you’ve ever seen, while this studio has more of the essentials to getting a million-dollar sound! In most sessions, about 80% of the analog gear you see in the studios is either broken or unused in typical sessions. At the end of the day, it’s all about the audio engineers. Not only do you get quality recordings with us, but you also get the expertise of the engineers and a comfortable, judgment-free recording environment.

How Much is Studio Time in St. Louis?

Comparison Chart: A Visual Overview of Popular Studios

To make it easier for you to compare the different recording studios in St. Louis, here’s a helpful chart:

StudioRegular Rate Per HourThe rate for 8-Hour Days
Shock City Studios$85$1,280 – Studio A
$640 – Studio B
Suburban Pro Studios$70 (senior engineers)
$25 (self-freelance)
Vivid Core Music$60 (1 Hour Sessions)
$50 Per Hour (2 Hours+)

Conclusion: Choose the Studio that Suits You

St. Louis boasts a diverse collection of recording studios, each with unique features and pricing structure. Whether you’re a budding artist or an established musician, understanding the prices associated with these studios will help you make an informed decision. As you select the proper recording studio for your needs, consider factors such as equipment quality, services offered, and the overall ambiance of the studio. With this comprehensive overview of recording studio prices in St. Louis, you can confidently embark on your musical journey. Choose the studio that resonates with your artistic vision and witness your music soar to new heights.

If you are ready to go with Vivid Core Music as your studio of choice, we would gladly serve you in our recording studio at very affordable costs! You can visit the booking page to book studio time.

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